Alfonso Peduto

Composer. Creative Developer & Designer. Thinker.

Althought formally trained in physics, mathematics and classical music composition, I have spent my life creating things. In this online space I have collected many of the things I have created that I am proud of.

Technology Design: I have designed and built digital experiences, proprietary sinteractive frameworks using a variety of different technologies for the employment (and augmentation) of human expression and creativity.

Music: I have composed and recorded a large catalog of works (piano, orchestra, chamber, choir, electronics) that has been performed internationally.

I was formally trained in physics, pure mathematics (University of California, Berkeley, BA), music technology and classical composition (Berklee College of Music, New England Conservatory BM, MM), have enjoyed coding machines (at different levels) for about a decade, and have gained executional agility in design by practice. I am an avid reader on a variety of fields, trying to keep a lively ongoing intellectual life.

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