Technology & Design

I envision and design new ways to creatively employ technology to enhance human expression. I mainly focus on building interactive frameworks and I develop software to achieve these ends. My work is human-centric, design-led and technology-agnostic.

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Classical Composer & Pianist

I have been an active classical composer and pianist throughout all stages of my life. Currently my catalog includes 70+ compositions, spanning from solo piano, multiple pianos, chamber, orchestral and electronics. Nine recorded albums, enjoyed by hundreds of fans across the globe, performed in 2 different continents. I strive to find a balance between tradition and innovation, form and beauty.

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Intellectual Life

My interests span a range of topics in mathematics, physics, computer science and current proceedings in technology. I have recently commenced editing selected collected writings of the past years: in these works I strive to uncover the simplicity in seemingly complex issues.

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  • B.A. Mathematics (Honors), Physics, U.C Berkeley [dual]
    M.M. Classical Composition (Honors), New England Conservatory
    B.M. Classical Composition, Music Technology (Laudae), Berklee College of Music [dual - 5yrs completed in 2.5yrs]

  • General Purpose Programming: Python, C, C++
    Web Development (Front-end): JavaScript, HTML, CSS
    Analytical: MatLab, Mathematica

    Recurrencies - Technical
  • Visual/Design: Illustrator, PhotoShop, InDesign
    Video: Premiere
    Audio Frameworks: Pro Tools, Live, MaxMSP

    Recurrencies - Creative